Return Culture Shock Tips


I have always been a dreamer and I love thinking about the future. However, it is also important to focus on the fleeting present because everything is temporary. My friend just returned from a semester in Spain and I was more than happy to serve as a support system for her. Some people have an easier time re-entering their home country than others.

After traveling abroad, I found it difficult to live in the present and I would constantly dream about the next time I would get on a plane out of the country. I wanted to dedicate this post to my re-entry journey into the United States.

Coming back from traveling or vacationing is never easy. I kept a journal that I love reading from time to time. It is nice to reflect on your journey and not forget the moments that made you smile. Here is a list of ideas to pay tribute to your time abroad. Most of these I’ve seen on Pinterest from time to time so I can’t take full credit.


1.  Make traditional food from your host country. Couple it with delicious wine, let your tastebuds take you back to your happy place.

Louis Armstrong told us so

2. Buy a world map. Pin all of the places you have visited. I bought one from Urban Outfitters, the moment I got home. 

3. Purchase music from local artists of your host country.


4. Print your favorite photos and hang them around your home or apartment!

268ba0ef1b432e199be41003aa5ac3fd5. If you purchased trinkets like scarves or tapestries, hang them from your windows for a nice worldly look. You can even creatively hang up old tickets and commemorate your favorite places. 

images6. Keep in touch with friends you made in your host country. WhatsApp is a free texting app that allows you to communicate with people all over the world.

7. Get involved in your community or on campus. Talk with the company you studied abroad with and see if they have available opportunities to get involved! Even talking to perspective students so you can relive your experience!

8. Come up with an “elevator speech” where you can share your favorite experiences in a short but sweet way!

Lastly, remember, if you have wanderlust like I do, you will travel again one day! You can make it happen!

Here is a helpful link for the re-entry process. Reverse culture shock is real!