Bienvenido (Welcome)!

As a journalism student specializing in public relations, the first order of business is personal branding. Truthfully, it is a dog eat dog world that I have to look forward to in the next year. Although I have had little experience in the PR field itself, I am learning new tricks of the trade everyday. This is my amateur blog pathway into the real world.

The Real World

The Real World

I consider myself to be a very visual person which is why I found it so difficult to decide between a career in public relations and advertising. I love creating presentations and communicating with people from different backgrounds.

My hope is to find a perfect niche in between PR and Ad.  Luckily, both are image based and some may argue that there is hardly a middle ground because the two are so closely related.  As long as I can hone in on my creative skills I will be happy.

I intend to write about my varying interests with a PR twist. Ideally, upon graduation I will find a job in international, food, or nonprofit PR and then I will win the lottery so that I can pay off my student loans.


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