Job Interviews: Unleash Your Worries!

San Francisco Dog Parking

San Francisco Dog Parking

How to win with interviews!

I have a knack for blocking out events that made me nervous or uncomfortable. Take job interviews for instance, once they’re over it’s like they never happened.  But after not getting the student job of my dreams, it caused me to reflect on my latest interview performance. It is so important to keep mental notes while being interviewed because it’s a learning experience like everything else.

So why was it so easy to blame myself when I didn’t get the job?

After daydreaming about the day I land my dream job and shooting down the company that did not hire me, I realized that was not the best use of my energy. I sought out advice from my uncle who is full of wonderful proverbs that accurately explain life. He told me that there was no point in blaming myself because there may have been other factors involved that I had no control over. It’s really about getting back on the horse because rejection is part of life whether you like it or not.

My advice, for myself and for others…

Regardless of the interview, try to focus on what you did well and what you can work on for next time. I went to my advisor to prepare for questions like : “How do you deal with rejection?” and “What are your weaknesses?” Although you can’t necessarily prepare for specific questions, you can go in confidently knowing that you did your best. Also always do research ahead of time! Impress them with your preparedness and knowledge about their company. Just because you did not get your dream job does not mean there will not be another opportunity! Don’t burn any bridges in the process because you never know if they might reconsider in the future. There is always room for improvement. Remember that you can ask them to repeat the question!

Side note: I was just hired by the company of my dreams as social media coordinator and student ambassador! Just because one door closes…try try again -a combination of two overly used phrases.

Here is a link to help you prepare for your next interview!


2 thoughts on “Job Interviews: Unleash Your Worries!

    • Thank you Rebecca! I am really excited about it. I want to talk to you about it at some point before the term ends.

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