Celebrity Credibility, Say that 5-times Fast

What makes a source credible? Trust is a large component. How can a large corporation convey trust to their customers? Celebrity endorsement!

When a celebrity backs up a product, groupies will follow. If Beyonce drinks Pepsi, it must be an elixir fit for the gods. Often times, celebrities become the main face for companies, permanently branding themselves as representatives of the company’s products. It is all strategic…almost always, this technique is used for corporate benefit. Katherine Zeta-Jones represented T-mobile for the longest while; she became the face that we associated with T-mobile. This method is so successful because psychologically the company becomes more likable. We can place a successful face with the name.

In my opinion, celebrities can sell themselves out by becoming representatives of multiple companies, thus decreasing their credibility. They become objectified, Beckham for instance, has done commercials for H&M, a clothing company, as well as various Burger King advertisements. What do the ads have in common? His body is used to attract consumers. You can eat Burger King and still look like Beckham who also happens to be a retired professional athlete.

From the celebrity perspective, there is always a risk and an ethical component associated with signing an endorsement deal. As a celebrity endorsing fast food corporations like Burger King, they are encouraging consumption of processed foods and promoting an unhealthy diet. Personally, I respect celebrities that support positive campaigns, like Sarah McLachlan with the SPCA.

There is a commercial we will never forget. It may be a bit overdone now, but the message sure made way to its viewers, thanks Sarah! Needless to say, we will not forget the Beckham commercials either.  It is time for celebrities to start backing up more meaningful campaigns, not just products for consumption.



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