Abroad Infographic

People retain information through images faster than they do through blocks of text.  Infographics are the ultimate tool for spreading information with a combination of interesting visuals and few lines of text. For one of my PR classes, we were instructed to design an infographic about something of interest. As you can see , I chose studying abroad for my theme.  The goal I had in mind while designing it was to attract prospective study abroad students. Unfortunately, finding study abroad statistics was a bit harder than I thought.  I included information about abroad returnees finding jobs within 12 months of graduating which I thought was an excellent incentive, showing future benefits. I also included the top most traveled continents. I have heard many students complaining that there are no programs for their specific majors so I included statistics of majors that have gone abroad. Lastly, I included the statistic of 80 percent traveling outside of their host region so that people are encouraged to travel and not stay within their country’s limits!

If you are interested in creating your own inforgraphic, visit: http://piktochart.com !


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