Fútbol: The Backbone of Europe

FC Barcelona tied 1-1 against Atlético Madrid in the highly anticipated Liga championship this past Saturday.  Atlético took first place in the Spanish League. Although it is difficult to congratulate the opposing team, as a Barcelona fan, I am surely happy for the underdog. Despite Barcelona being a header away from first place, they managed a close second place. Thank goodness the title did not go to REAL Madrid,  then we would have a problem. It is a HUGE accomplishment for Atlético, no one saw it coming.

Following up with my last post about sports and unity, I would definitely argue that  fútbol is the top sport in Europe. It is the American football equivalent for Europe . Not only does fútbol increase country revenue but it increases tourism and social interaction. An annual sports review concluded:

” Football continues to make an extraordinary
contribution to life in the UK in terms of its diversity,
popularity,social contribution, economic impact”

Although the bigger teams command most of the attention, the smaller teams still make a contribution. While in Oviedo, I attended a REAL Oviedo game against a local city team, Aviles. The stadium was packed with passionate fans covered in blue and maroon scarves. I took a guided tour of the stadium museum and discovered that the team has sponsors from all over the world. Just a small city of 200,000 has won the hearts of fans worldwide ! Who knew? I also found out that they only provide non-alcoholic beer during games. Passions are high! Below is an interactive timeline that can be found within the Oviedo fútbol museum.


Turn on,tunein, turnover AnnualReviewof Football Finance –Highlights. (2013, January 1). . Retrieved May 21, 2014, from http://www.deloitte.com/assets/Dcom-UnitedKingdom/Local%20Assets/Documents/Industries/Sports%20Business%20Group/deloitte-uk-sbg-arff-2013-highlights-download.pdf


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