“The World’s Cup”

As many of you know, the Fifa World Cup is approaching. Count down is T- 24 days until the big games kick off in Brazil.  Nothing says national unity like a country coming together under one team and rooting for the same cause. There is an entire culture behind the great game of fútbol and every four years, teams from all over the world compete for the ultimate fame and victory. People are passionate about their teams and they carry great pride in their countries during the games.

When there is passion, there is rich opportunity for corporations to benefit. With major sporting events (e.g., the Super Bowl, the Olympics) come a high volume of viewers which is as good as gold for advertisers. The most expensive commercials will air during events like the Super Bowl and corporations will pay millions per minute to get viewing time. In particular, Coca Cola seems to dominate the advertising world during the World Cup. They appeal to the hard core fans as the drink of choice. I believe there success stems from their community outreach programs all over the world. Their advertisements claim that it is the “World’s Cup,” meaning that it is everyone’s cup including small countries that fly under the radar.

If one thing is for sure, Coca Cola has an incredible PR team. As far as Corporate Social Responsibility, they have gone above and beyond. Their commercials resonate with a sense of unity and leave the viewer feeling hopeful.



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