The Power of a Good Story

Stories are the closest things we have to time travel. They give us the opportunity to live vicariously through them. We can read them, listen to them, and become wrapped up in another world. Oral tradition plays an important role in cultures around the world. Stories are important because they can bring people of different beliefs and backgrounds together.

Stories can teach children morals -such as never cry wolf or you will be eaten by the wolf and no one will save you. Stories are all around us. They are the basis of human connection and communication. We tell our friends stories of our lives, from the moments we want to forget, to the most memorable points in our lives.

My point is, we thrive off of stories within our society. Stories are more appealing than exhausting lists of facts. When there is a beginning, middle, end, conflict or antagonist we can paint a picture within our minds. Even gossiping is story telling. As much as we shame it, people love to hear stories of other people. Some stories even have healing elements. Stories of people going through similar struggles can bring us together. A good, uplifting story can change your mood. An inspiring story may even change your perspective.

Below, is a picture of the “Huerto De Calixto y Melibea”, located in Salamanca, a garden that is said to be the rendezvous spot for the Romeo and Juliet of Spain. Their love story was so beautifully tragic that it stuck with me. Couples visit frequently to lock their love locks all around the garden. Nothing more enticing  than a story of star crossed lovers!


Here is a link of the story of the star crossed lovers if you are interested!



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